The grand structure which is Maury County’s Courthouse is the fifth building to serve as the seat of government.  The first building was made of logs and was the also the home of Joseph Brown, early pioneer and founder of the county.

The second was also log and in the general vicinity of the current site.  No renderings of this building remain.  It was only in service from 1807 until 1810. The third Courthouse was made of brick and quite fashionable but needed replacing in 1846. The next Courthouse was used by both sides during the Civil War as a place of refuge.  It was worn out by all this activity. The current courthouse was put into service in 1904.

The architect for this courthouse was J.E.R. Carpenter, a native Maury Countian.  He was quite famous and known as “Father of the modern New York apartment house.” He is responsible for the design of St. Thomas Hospital and the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville.

This Courthouse was deemed “a gift to the future” at a cost of $100,000.  In 1999, it was remodeled at a cost of $1,200,000!


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